Why Choose Us?

Assess candidates on various programming skills

Achieve high correlation between Candidates geekQS and interview performances

Save huge time and costs in the hiring process


Multiple file interface

Richest Content Bank exploiting our Unique Interface

Remote proctoring

Capture Webcam and desktop feeds to ensure sanctity. Save huge travel and Interview man-hour costs

Quality Content

Content design team comprising of top programmers ranked highly on codechef, stack overflow, etc...

Robust Evaluation

Strong evaluation techniques to measure and compare candidates' performances

Offering Innovative Quality Solutions, Inspiring Competition

First Company Globally :

to Integrate Video & Desktop Proctoring into Assessment Framework

to Introduce Screen Sharing into Coding Assessment to capture Applicant's thought process

to Introduce Multiple File Interface & Mapped problem sets

Lakhs of Assessments Done, Numerous Programming Languages Supported

Conceived and Built in India, Proudly Serving the World

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